Shobana disappointed by Kamal Hasan

Shobana: Kamal Hasan who is already busy with his next project ‘Maramyogi’ is all set to fly to Sweden on July 15th for a location hunt.

It is said that he will be there for a trip of 7 days. But this sudden trip of his has disappointed a beautiful women and that is Shobana. It is already a fact that Shobana is giving a dance show titled as ‘Maya Ravan’ in Chennai and since Kamal was her mentor and well wisher, he received a invitation from her many days in advance. Her show is scheduled on July 18th in Chennai.  

But since Kamal is going on a trip, he will not attend the dance show of Shobana. Though Shobana was little bit disappointed with this news, later on Kamal called her and has convinced her for his non presence on her dance show. 

It is also gossiped that Shobana may get a cameo role in Kamal’s next project   “Marmayogi”.

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