Shoaib Malik in Hyderabad

Unfazed by threats of legal action from the family of Ayesha Siddiqui who claimed to have married him, Shoaib Malik today made a surprise visit to Sania Mirza’s house amid reports that their marriage may be shifted to Dubai.

Clad in a trouser and T-shirt, Malik who is slated to marry Sania on April 15, appeared on the balcony of the tennis star’s house and was seen talking on his mobile phone while Sania and her mother were involved in an animated discussion with each other.

At times, the talk between the mother and daughter appeared to be tense and heated.

His visit to Hyderabad assumes significance in the context of a late night threat by Ayesha’s parents that they would file an FIR against him if he went ahead with the marriage without divorcing their daughter.

There was no indication about the sudden visit of Shoaib but it comes amid reports in the Pakistani media that the venue of the marriage could be shifted to Dubai to avoid any problems from Ayesha’s family. There was no confirmation of the reports as yet.

‘Geo TV’ quoted sources in Shoaib’s family as saying that the marriage has been shifted to Dubai because his family is not keen on coming to India.

The channel reported Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray’s threat has scared them and the Ayesha issue is also a factor.

Thackeray had lambasted Sania for choosing a Pakistani as her life partner, saying she would not remain an Indian post her marriage.

Adding to the couple’s woes is Ayesha’s legal notice to Shoaib for allegedly marrying her over phone and dumping her without taking a formal divorce.

Shoaib, who was reportedly playing in a Twenty20 league in Bangladesh, has added to the whole drama surrounding the much-anticipated wedding by landing in Hyderabad much ahead of schedule. The exact reasons for his visit to Sania’s residence are not known.

Sania has backed her prospective groom saying that she and her family have known the truth all along.

Although she did not mention Shoaib directly, Sania’s latest twitter feed clearly supported her husband-to-be, who has been accused of cheating Ayesha.

"Me and my family know what the truth is, we’ve known it all along and we have confidence in god’s justice," Sania said.

Getting ready for the "biggest day" of her life, Sania said she never thought she would have to deal with so many things apart from the regular pre-wedding jitters.

"Too much going on, never in my life thought that I’d had to worry bout anything Of this sort, rather than my mehendi!" she said.

"Leaves me with no choice but to laugh. I am pretty sure these are not the pre-wedding jitters or butterflies in the stomach my married cousins were talking about!" she quipped.

Shoaib’s family is in touch with Delhi-based criminal lawyer Ramesh Gupta, who has been representing them in the battle with the Siddiquis for the past two years.

Ayesha’s family alleges that Shoaib married her over phone but dumped her later due to her weight problems. Shoaib, however, insists that it was the Siddiquis who cheated him.

The 28-year-old has said he was sent photographs of a girl who is not Ayesha and that he was only engaged to that girl but backed out after finding out that he had been duped.(PTI)

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