Shivaji Raja’s return gift to Nagababu

Movie artists Association ‘MAA’ president elections have completed recently and Shivaji Raja faced a big defeat in this year. Even after the elections, MAA got involved in so many controversies.

Shivaji Raja Warns Nagababu
Shivaji Raja Warns Nagababu

Before the elections, Nagababu has openly supported Naresh Panel and stated that he is not happy with the president ship of Shivaji Raja. Now, after the elections, while talking about Nagababu, Shivaji Raja has stated that though they are good friends Nagababu has given him a gift by supporting Naresh and now it’s his turn to give a return gift. This created a sensation and everyone started thinking about what Shivaji Raja is going to give Nagababu as a return gift. As per the latest reports, Shivaji Raja is going to join the opposition party YSRCP. Rumors are coming out that Shivaji Raja is going to Narsapur parliament on 24th for the promotional campaigns and is much likely to join the YSR CP.

Also, Shivaji Raja is likely to extend his support to Raghu Rama Raju in that constituency. So some are commenting Shivaji Raja is doing this intentionally and this is the return gift he is going to give to Nagababu.

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