Shivaji Raja Distances Himself from MAA Association

Shivaji Raja is the popular artist in the Telugu film industry who is currently serving as the president of Movie Artists Association. He has been doing great works for the welfare of some artists in the film industry. Shivaji has been serving his position for the last two terms and most of the members are expecting him to continue in the position but Shivaji Raja has different plans.

Sivaji Raja Birthday
Sivaji Raja Birthday

“Having an own building and an old-age home from MAA is my dream. The old-age home dream is going to come to reality soon. I am happy with what I have done so far. I promise that I am not going to contest for President this time and I am happy with my career so far. My son is entering as a hero and his first film is currently in progress. His second movie will begin soon.” said Shivaji Raja during his birthday celebrations.

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