Shiva Shankar Master Made request to Jaya Lalitha to Save Their Family

Ace Choreographer Shiva Shankar Prasad recently made a request to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha. Going into the details, Shiva Shankar’s son Krishna Prasad was married to Jyothi in 2013. The couple took divorce due to some reasons. Since then, Jyothi is harassing Shiva Shankar’s family and filed a case against them.

Shiva Shankar Master
Shiva Shankar Master

According to Shiva Shankar, Jyothi recently made a protest in front of their house and even demanded a whopping amount 10 Crores. He further admitted that their whole family went to the underground for a couple of days due to his daughter-in-law’s torcher.

Shiva Shankar Prasad said that Jyothi is making false allegations against their family in lieu of that, he requested Jaya Lalitha to investigate about their family case and admitted that if Jaya Lalitha does not take this matter as serious, they are all decided to commit suicide as there is no option for them.

Well, let us see what will happen to Shiva Shankar Prasad’s family issue.

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