Shiv Sena wing bans Asif Ali!

It was a couple of days ago that the shocking incident wherein a couple of girls who posted some negative comments against the movie Hi I’m Tony on its Facebook page, were abused and beaten by a group of men claiming to be fans of the young actor Asif Ali – one of the stars of the movie.


Now, though later the men claimed the attack occurred because one of the girls had provoked them personally and not because of a movie, things seem to have taken a much worse turn.. for Asif Ali, that is!

The Thrissur wing of the political party Shiv Sena, seems to have taken up the cause and have come out in strong protest against the actor. It does not end there – they have ‘banned’ the actor in Thrissur, meaning they are stating outright that they will not allow any of the actor’s movies to be screened in Thrissur!
This must come as quite a blow to the actor, though he still has not responded to this.

Shiv Sena claims the actor uses goons to abuse and harm people who are against him, or in this case, the girls who happened to comment against his work. It is to be noted here that the actor has in no way been connected to the incident involving the girls.

In fact, by the admission of the culprits themselves, their unacceptable and indecent behaviour was personal in nature. They just happen to be Asif Ali fans – though that is hardly the actor’s fault…

Now we will have to see if this ‘ban’ really holds and if it does, what it means for Asif Ali, whose career is on the rise otherwise.

And what does the industry and the fans have to say about this?

Only the days to come will tell…

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