Shilpa Shetty invites Tamanna for dinner

Actress Thamanna celebrated Holi festival in her house in Mumbai. She sprayed the color water and color powder on people.

She threw eggs on her friends and they in turn threw eggs on her. While speaking about this Thamanna said,” It is my practice from my child hood days to throw eggs on Holi festival days.

Friends and I use to throw and smash eggs against each other. Because of this there use to be lot of brawls also. I like to be clean always. My friend use to call me Miss Clean. But on the Holi day I will be completely changed. I will be showing me myself voluntarily to the people who want to rub color powder or spray color water.

It will be so much that I cannot be identified. My family is in Mumbai and I use to celebrate Holi festival with them. This year, since I have no shooting I am celebrating Hoil with them. Slinging of pots will be there. I will also participate in this event. I will keep on eating on this day without restrictions. My mother will keep on shouting but I will tell her to exempt me for one day. Shilpa Shetty has invited me for the Holi get together dinner.”

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