Sherlyn Chopra faces Twitter ban

When Sherlyn Chopra posted bare-all pics of herself on Twitter a while ago (apparently because she wanted feedback from her fans), she faced quite a backlash. And soon after, she took those pictures off her Twitter page. But that hasn’t stopped the starlet from posting fairly provocative images of her wearing precious little. This even led to an NGO in India complaining about her to Twitter. Then, Sherlyn had said, "Since when have I become a social issue?" Now, supposedly as a reaction to that complaint, Twitter has banned Sherlyn from posting pictures on her Twitter page.

It seems Sherlyn had also accused the site of playing censor earlier, and wondered why some of her pictures had disappeared. Now with the ban in place against her, she’s upset that her ‘sensual’ images are being termed provocative. And she’s asked her fans to support her in facing it.

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