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Sher Movie Review: How many movies does it take for an actor to realize that being a ‘hero’ is not cup of his tea? Kalyan Ram is one such enthusiastic but charmless star-son who tries hard to deliver something but nothing really works. The choice of his scripts so far barring a couple of them have been completely so-so. His latest film directed by Mallikarjun falls easily into that pile of un-noteworthy films.

Kalyan Ram in Sher
Kalyan Ram in Sher

Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is a saadha-sedha guy from a family consisting of father, mother and a younger brother who actually look like brother, sister-law and a nephew. Please do not think that the casting of the family was wrong. It was correct. The character who looks inappropriate in that cast was..err. Let’s get into the story. There is Nandini (Sonal Chouhan) , whose legs play a vital role in the film. Her shortest, skimpiest outfits make sure she is made to do a skin-show for each penny that was part of her pay-cheque. Nandini wins a photography contest and to prove that she is an avid photographer, her introduction scene shows her taking endless selfies throughout the day. Nandini is impressed with Goutham’s patriotism when he chases a flying Indian flag paper and rescues the flag paper from falling on the ground. That’s when she decides that HE is the ONE in her life and takes an oath to marry him. Meanwhile Goutham gets into a tiff with a local henchman of a national mafia don (played by Mukesh Rishi). The rest of the film is about how Goutham uses his master-brain to thwart the local and roaming don too.

Sher Movie Wallposter
Sher Movie Wallposter

Sher is a run-of-the-mill story which has absolutely nothing entertaining to offer. This one too has Kalyan Ram being as ineffective as he was in his debut. There are the mandatory clips from the grandfather N.T.R and uncle Balakrishna. There are the complex dance steps which are lackluster. There are those punch dialogues coupled with enlarged eyes trying to portray prosaic anger and aggressiveness. There are actors like Mukesh Rishi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Shayaji Shinde in the film who were given such a caricatured roles. There is Rao Ramesh and Rohini who were wasted much more. Sonal was used strictly for the oomph and uninhibited glamour show.

Technically also, there is nothing impressive too. Sarvesh Murari, the DOP who is usually good and a regular in Kalyan Ram’s films contributed to a very ordinary work with some lazily done eagle-view shots. Thaman’s music was bearable but uninteresting. The movie tried to evoke humour at many places but only a couple of scenes worked. All the comedians were cast in their typical roles.Thagubothu Ramesh played the Thagubothu for the 1478th time. Brahmanandam plays the lewd guy eyeing the heroine and so on.

On the whole, Sher absolutely is a waste of efforts in all aspects.

Watch ‘Sher’ if you don’t ‘care’ (about your money and time).

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