What is in between Sheela and Dill Raju?

Film actress Sheela and top producer Dill Raju are facing tough times in the media from the past few days. Rumors are raising in the media that Dill Raju has an affair with Sheela. Responding on this, Sheela clarified that she is not a pregnant and she is not having any relation with Dill Raju.

Sheela and Dil Raju Relation

She stated that she is staying in UK from the past 1 year and she is not into Tollywood from the past 3 years. Even Dill Raju rejected to speak on this aspect as he felt that it is a baseless rumor. But this rumor is fast spreading into the internet.

Sheela gave an interview to a popular media channel to clarify on this aspect and Dill Raju too strongly stated to the media that he is not at all involved in this sort of activities. In this scenario, it is being proved from both the sides that there is nothing between Sheela and Dill Raju.

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