Shankar’s “I” to grab “Gopala Gopala” theatres!!

Gopala Gopala Shankar I Movie

Kollywood film maker Shankar is set to launch his flick “I” on 9th January worldwide. It is a fact that Pawan Kalyan’s “Gopala Gopala” is set to hit the screens for Pongal. Majority of the theatres in this season will be allocated to “Gopala Gopala”. But, “I” teasers looked too promising and Shankar’s brand name is tempting Tollywood distributors.

For sure, major part of the theatres will go to “Gopala Gopala” and “I”. In fact, “I” will grab several theatres which were initially planned for “Gopala Gopala”. If this happens, we may expect a degradation in the collections of the Pawan Kalyan’s flick. Looks like, Suresh Babu may postpone the release of “Gopala Gopala” by one or two weeks.

To be on the safe side, several high budget flicks will opt to shift their film release dates. Generally, they maintain atleast 10-15 days gap to get the best benefits. In this scenario, we may expect “I” and “Gopala Gopala” too to have similar gap.

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