Shankar’s extravagance troubles producer?

Director Shankar, without a doubt delivers epic hits every time he picks up the megaphone, and his movies are visually spectacular with no costs cut on the gorgeous sets and the little details. This is especially known to be true for the elaborate sets he creates not just for the plot, but also for some of the songs in his movies.


Multiple crores were spent on creating the sets of certain songs in Anniyan to even more elaborate ones in Sivaji and need we even speak of Endhiran?

Now, with the next mega flick of his in the works with a reported budget of nearly Rs 250 crores, some focus has shifted from the one that’s almost finished – Ai starring Vikram.

There is a rumour going around that Shankar had constructed a magnificent set at studio in Chennai for the movie… almost a year ago. The set, supposedly, is made like a Chinese village, so one can estimate the pains taken to erect it and the money spent on it.

But here’s the surprising news – it seems Shankar hasn’t used it yet- not even for a single shot!

We have no clue if he is yet to shoot some scene there as originally he had claimed it was for some “important” scenes, but sources say just maintaining the set and keeping it erect has been costing the producer almost Rs 25,000 .. a day!

Wow! If that is indeed true, one truly feels for the producer and sincerely wishes the director would pay attention to the purse strings (albeit not his) once in a while to check if they have completely broken off!

Lavish production values are one thing but complete wastage is entirely another, yes?

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