Shankar’s Ai plot details revealed!!

Given the fact that the last time Shankar and Vikram worked together the fans were rewarded with the iconic blockbuster Anniyan, the current collaboration of the two – Ai – is a hugely anticipated one to say the very least!


The plot of the movie has been closely guarded and no details were given to the media till date.. well, almost!

Now we have reports rolling in that several key points of the plot and details regarding the real work behind the magic have been leaked to the press!!

And here’s what we know so far:
Apparently, Vikram plays a boxer who faces a terrible ordeal due to the handiwork of several baddies, and the story mainly revolves around him going on a vengeful pursuit of those responsible. Also, sources say the main aspect of the story is a heath care scam of some kind.

Another fact of intrigue which has been ‘leaked’ is that the make up for Vikram was an extremely detailed and laborious endeavour. Supposedly, special makeup teams from the United States had to be brought in and guess what their pay was Close to Rs 2 lacs.. per day!!

Wow! Now that is sure to create some impressive effects on screen as far as how he looks!

And the bombshells don’t end there.. no. It has been reported that ‘extras’ were assigned on special duty to our leading man. Not for any luxury treatment but to make sure he never fell asleep with the makeup on! The reason for this being, if he did so the elaborate makeup around his chest area might harden and tighten, which in turn might lead to the actor having a cardiac attack!!

Talk about going the extra mile for your work! Chiyaan Vikram is of course known for going through intense physical transformations for his projects, and at times even putting himself through some punishing routines for the sake of his art but certainly, this takes the cake..

With these revelations, the expectations for the Shankar mega flick are surely going through the roof and Aascar Ravichandran, who is producing the film under the banner of his company Aascar Films must be a happy man.

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