Shambho Shankara Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Shambo Shankara
Movie Rating 2/5
Movie Cast Shankar and Karunya
Director Sreedhar.N
Music Director Sai Kartheek
Production Company Y. Ramana Reddy(YCRR) & Suresh Kondeti
Release Date June 29, 2018


Shankar (Shakalaka Shankar) lives in a village and dreams of becoming a cop. In his village, he gets into a fight with the village panchayat President (Ajay Ghosh) but his brother (Ravi Prakash) opposes his fight. Later, Shankar falls for Parvathi (Karunya Chowdary) and her parents don’t accept their alliance. In the meantime, Shankar is arrested because of a police complaint. What happens then? Forms the story of the movie.


Shakalaka Shankar in Shambo Shankara
Shakalaka Shankar in Shambo Shankara

Shakalaka Shankar tried his best to bring out his best in terms of the performances but many times, he ended up imitating Pawan Kalyan which did not suit him well but he entertained in almost every scene. The reactions he gave in several situations have come out well. He worked hard with the fights and dances and impressed one and all. The heroine Karunya Chowdary did not have any role and she even couldn’t perform well in the film. The other actors of the movie have impressed and made their presence felt.

Writing Department:

The story is riutine and the screenplay is uninteresting. The dialogues written for some situations are good and they evoked good laughs. The writing could have been better.

Technical Aspects:

The film is good in terms of the technical aspects. The performances are decent. The production values of both the producers are grand. The music by Sai Karthik is Okay and so is the background score. The editing by Chota K Prasad could have been better. Some key scenes could have been chopped off. The cinematography by Rajasekhar is decent and impressive. On the whole, everyone in the technical team performed well.


The Unintentional comedy is a big plus point in the film and the spoof has come out well too. The film lacks originality but then tries to impress in its own way. The overall team effort is impressive. The film might stand Shankas as a better performer in the industry as he did it well. The movie has an impressive story but it is routine and was tested multiple times in the past. Had there been a better concentration on writing and providing solid entertainment, the film could have been much better.

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