Shakti Pre Release Talk

Tollywood Young Tiger Jr NTR’s Latest film Shakti is all set to hit the screens on today.Shakti directed by Meher Ramesh and produced by Aswini Dutt on Vyjayanthi banner.Hot & sexy actress Ileana is the female lead.

shakti Movie Pre Release Talk By Movie Watched People

The film ki Praanam ayina Rudra episodes sarigga work out avvalehdu… Rudra episode halfan hour baaga slow ga undhi cinema…..
1. Shakthi character ki fights, adbventires baaga vacchay..
2. On screen pai 4 songs top rated ga unnayi… dances baga vacchayi…
3. Comedy assalu pandaledhu….
4. On a Whole below average to average report chebuthunanru cinema gurunchi… 5 weeks antunnaru…

Leaked Story:

The name of NTR in this movie is Shakti. He works as security officer in National Security Force. He will be appointed as Security Guard to Ileyana. Tamil actor Prabhu is head of this National Security Force. Ileyana is his daughter. Ileyana is good devotee and she likes to visit all temples in India. Due to security problem her father Prabhu will not give her permission to visit temples. But Ileyana wont agrees with her father’s word and finally decides to visit temples across India. Finally, Prabhu agrees with Ileyana and asks Jr NTR to go with her as security.

NTR and Ileyana faces lot of problems in their journey. Unknown people attacks on them and tries to kill them. Jr NTR fights with them and saves Ileyana. But again some unknown people attacks on them. But now NTR understands that they are not attacking Ileyana, but they are targeting him. Then comes to interval.

Flash back comes after Interval. Jr NTR will be seen as Rudra in flash back. Rudra was king of a kingdom where lies some powerful Shakthi Peetam. Rudra protects these Shakthi Peetam from villians. But, gangsters tries to steal them and wants to become powerful persons in the world. Finally, Rudra dies in this war.
Later, Shakthi who belongs to same family decides to save Shakthi Peetam from Villians. How he fights and save it from Villains is rest of the story.

Jr NTR is supposed to appear in 4 different getup’s in this movie. He will be seen as Security officer, Shakthi get up, Rudra Get up and as a King.

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