Shahid Review

Rating: 3.75/5

Critic Rating: (3.75/5)

Shahid Review: Brilliant is the word for the film going around

We’ve had enough of the manipulative biographies.

We’ve had enough of the made-up ‘reality movies’.

We’ve seen only fancy courts with freshly painted walls and the judge saying ‘Order Order Order’.

But have we seen the real court sessions where there is only chaos, where lawyers sit on Neelkamal chairs and not on polished plywood cushioned royal chairs.

Time to look at the reality! ‘Shahid’ does that in every aspect, be it a court, be it the attitude of media and the society, or be it the ways of how the system works.

‘Shahid’ is that authentic biographical film that is brave enough to portray real things very really! The movie is based on the journey of Shahid Azmi, a lawyer who fought for the falsely accused Muslims in terrorist activities. He fought for those innocents who were put behind the bars without any proper evidence.

The movie begins with Shahid (Raj Kumar Yadav) witnessing the gruesome Bombay riots in 1993, and the enraged youngster travels to Pakistan occupied Kashmir to get into the Jihadi group to join the resistance. But, after a very brief stay he returns back to Bombay, as a result of disillusionment with the movement. The rest of the movie is about Shahid being sent to jail accusing him of having terrorist links, and how he spends his tenure in jail, who later becomes a lawyer, saving the men who are the victims of unwarranted torture and imprisonment.

The movie captures the various phases of Shahid’s life, crisply yet seamlessly. Raj Kumar Yadav is brilliant. He is a One size-Fits all actor. He can do an LSD;he can do a Gangs Of Wasseypur;he can do a Shaitaan;he can do a Kai Po Che. With ‘Shahid’, he has gone 3 more levels higher!Shahid firmly believes that religion cannot be associated with the doer of the crime nor the victim of that. Raj Kumar lived that in the movie! Kay Kay Menon was very graceful in a brief appearance. Zeeshan was good as the supportive elder brother; again very realistic unlike the usual Bollywood brother who says “Bhai tere liye jaan bhi dedunga”.

Director Hansal Mehta and his team deserve a standing ovation for this masterpiece. Shahid is an eye-opener showing the true picture of the prejudiced and parallelized society we live in, where a selfless savior, who goes out of the way to save the innocents, has no right to live!



Reviewed by Rag Mayur

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