Shahid Kapoor loves women

He is one of T’town’s most eligible bachelors and it seems Shahid Kapoor is finally ready to bid good-bye to his shy, ‘good boy’ image. The actor recently admitted he loves attention and adulation from women. “I feel very happy and glad about it. I like it (the female attention), it’s nice," he says.

The 30-year-old, who was earlier dating Kareena Kapoor and had a strong link-up with Priyanka Chopra admits he wasn’t always comfortable with compliments from the fairer sex. “Initially I used to not know how to deal with it. I used to get flustered and didn’t know how to react to it. But now, I love it. I have learnt to accept the fact that this is what I wanted and it is good to know that people like you and love you," admits Shahid.

Clearly, the actor is in a mood for love. And though his much-touted ‘Mausam’ didn’t set the box office on fire, he is still enjoying the praise that has come his way for the film.

But while he might have acted the love-struck, romantic hero in his film, in his own life, Shahid claims he has no idea about the ways of the heart. "I have no idea about love. I think love is the most unpredictable thing and it happens when you least expect it. And it turns out to be the way you never thought it would. That’s the beauty of romance… you never know how it’s going to be, you can’t predict it. But when it happens, I guess I’ll know! Till then, even I am guessing how my love story would be," he said.

Shahid’s next project is Kunal Kohli’s ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’, co-starring Priyanka. We hope by the end of this movie with his former girlfriend he will know what love is all about!(IANS)

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