Shahid Kapoor Daughter Learning How To Clap

Bollywood’s star hero Shahid Kapoor has taken a much needed long break from his ongoing projects to spend a quality time with his family.

Shahid Kapoor- Daughter
Shahid Kapoor- Daughter

After getting married to the love of his life, he has put his family far from the media. Before 10 months, this lovely couple has been blessed with a baby girl, and they named the angel as Misha. Right from that day, he has been very protective of her daughter, and he has won over the paparazzi who tried to capture her daughter’s pic. But he has been sharing the pictures of his daughter Misha on his Instagram. His recently uploaded picture of his daughter has now attracted all his followers. In this picture, his adorable daughter Misha is trying to clap with her hands and the happy father Shahid is enjoying his fatherhood at peaks.

The baby is now ten months old, and Shahid has no fears to share his daughter’s pictures to his fans and followers. His next flick Padmavati under the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is currently in production stage.

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