Shah Rukh’s unwell

We’re so used to seeing Shah Rukh Khan light up rooms with his energy that it’s a bit hard to believe that he ever falls ill. But that’s just what’s happened. SRK is not feeling well. He just posted on his Twitter account, "Down with fever & cold. words are floating & melting as i touch them with the heat & cold. strange v call cold a cold, while the body is warm."

Well, we hope SRK gets all better soon. He does have his ‘Ra.One’ shoot to get back to. But if you’re waiting over eagerly for the release, it’s not going to happen any time soon. SRK also posted, "Just so that all know…my new films will take a bit to hit the screens. visual effects take very long in post production.

He added later, "Have to stop. writing feverishly. must be getting delirious. doc waiting with injection. must take a shot as i have a shoot tom. love u all."

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