Shah Rukh’s ‘hijack’ drama

Shah Rukh Khan’s bond with Karan Johar is the stuff of family (They’re brothers and more, everyone knows). So it was only natural that SRK wanted to be a part of the promotions for Karan’s new movie ‘We Are Family’. But some news channels didn’t quite see it that way, and here’s what the star had to say about that.

"Did interview for We r Family with Arjun & Kareena, cos i feel karan is family. 1 channel said I hijacked interview for my gain. How low? ha ha"

Trust SRK to laugh this off, and also get complimenting his star buddies. He added, "Met 3 beautiful women. Deepika, Kareena & Shahana (Goswami). I get such warm wonderful hugs from them. Still smelling of youth, beauty & talent from hug."

And then there was some philosophy in store, "Wot others say u cant control…wot u make of it, learn, understand, disregard, mull over it & take it out of ur system, is in ur hand & heart."

SRK ended in his usual after-tweet mode, posting, "Think i have vented enough. Anymore & twitter will get choked."

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