Shah Rukh Khan takes a gibe at Nude Aamir Khan!

Shah Rukh Khan can rightfully be deemed as the wittiest Khan on the block, as when it comes to his war of words, this man cracks up everyone with his witty replies.


It so happened that at a recent event in Mumbai, the Superstar was present to announce Got Talent World Stage Live, which is a Spin-off of the ‘Got Talent’ Franchise. While things were jive and lively, Mini Mathur the host for the evening just slipped on words while posing the star with a question.

She asked him if he has got any below the belt talent to show to the world, and he wanted to show it to them or not. To this our quick-witted SRK replied, “Now it’s getting vulgar…show the world what you have under the belt (laughs)…muje aisa laga PK poster ki baat kar rahe hai hum.”

Well! Shah Rukh, that was quite an interesting below the belt remark!

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