Shah Rukh Khan rides the new Metro Express

He has been all over the country and abroad promoting Ra.One since January but Shah Rukh Khan says there is more to the film than his publicity strategies.

The 45-year-old actor says he still believes that a good script makes or breaks a film and he is going all out to promote the movie so that it reaches the maximum audience. "I would like it if people talk about the film’s story and the characters rather than the promotional tools I am using. Don’t put my film down to promotional strategies only. I am just a small-time actor who is struggling to make people like his films. If the film doesn’t have a good story to tell, there is no point promoting it. So many people have put their efforts behind Ra.One that I thought I need to ensure it reaches maximum audience," said Shah Rukh Khan.

And to do so, the ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood has been to cities like Ludhiana, Bhopal, Vadodara besides Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai to promote his movie. He even took a ride in the new Delhi Metro Airport Express Line today and entertained fans at the Shivaji Stadium station here.

SRK, who was born and educated in Delhi, said his mode of transport while he was living in the Capital was a cycle. The film is due for release in six days but Shah Rukh said they are still busy with post-production work. "I am having to juggle between the studio and various other cities I am travelling to. It has left me extremely exhausted and tired."

He is hoping Ra.One becomes a Diwali blockbuster, but Shah Rukh, who’s superhero avatar in the movie is seen performing daring stunts, is scared of crackers. "I got burnt about 15 years ago while trying to burst a cracker. I still have the mark. I am extremely scared of crackers now and want everyone to be careful while bursting them," he said.(PTI)

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