Shah Rukh Khan is in a Shock

Bollywood box office Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan recently scored a dud in the form of Zero. Anand L Rai directed the film and the movie failed miserably at the box-office. Popular writer Anjum made some shocking comments on SRK, now the actor is in a big shock that he received from the failure of Zero.

SRK in Shock
SRK in Shock

SRK was supposed to play the lead role in the biopic of astronaut Rakesh Sharma. Surprisingly, SRK walked out of the project and the media buzzed that SRK wanted to do another film on the similar lines. But, Anjum who penned the biopic has confirmed that SRK’s exit is only because of the shock that he got from the failure of his last movie. Anjum also revealed that SRK is unable to put his focus on the project which is why the actor left the project.

Adding his opinion on the failure of Zero, Anjum said that the talented writer Himanshu who penned the story for the film cannot be blamed for the film’s failure as a lot of things will actually matter for the failure of the movie.

With SRK’s exit, the makers now approached Ranbir Kapoor to play the lead role.

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