Shah Rukh Khan Hit Songs

Shah Rukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood has many musical melodies in his films. Some of these have gone on to become evergreen songs of the millennium.

Do not expect the usual list starting with Yeh Kaali Kaali Aakhen that ends with Lungi Dance Lungi Dance. These are the hits which are as good as the numero uno song in their respective albums but relatively less popular.


Deewaana Dil Deewaana

This song from Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa had the very young SRK  as Sunil riding  a bike on the Goa roads with all excitement to welcome his love, Anna. With hopes high and heart filled with happiness, the song had oozing energy exhibited by a one-side lover when HE is going to meet HER after a long time. Vinod Rathod gave the voice for this really expressive song.

Satrangi Re

Shot in some exotic locales, this number from Dil Se had SRK and Manisha dancing to sensuous moves.  Who can forget the alluring step where they both are draped in a single red cloth and dancing near the Ladakh lakes?  Satrangi Re is easily one of the hottest songs of SRK, magically sung by Sonu Nigam.




Ek Din Aap

The song comes during the Yes Boss’s titles. With the adorable pair Juhi Chawla and SRK, the simply picturized song is very soothing. Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik rendered it in a natural way. This song has a high probability on the Sunday noons, sung by the woman cutting the vegetables and her man cleaning his bike. As natural as it can get!



Mere Mehboob

The best part of this song from Duplicate is the really cool dance of SRK with Juhi and Sonali in the choreography of Farah Khan, especially the ‘Shukriya Meherbaani Karam’ move. Anu Malik’s tune with the funny antics of SRK made it easily one of the most entertaining songs.




Tu mere saamne

An obsessed lover Rahul, insanely in love with Kiran , if given one chance to have a duet with her in the imaginations, the outcome is Tu Mere Saamne from Darr.  He runs wildly on the snow and falls on his knees and starts wheezing. Kkkkiran comes and gently touches his chin and he gets up and starts Tu Mere Saaamne. Exactly, how Rahul wishes his Kirran to love him back..

Teri Zulfo se kheloonga main!
Tumko baahon mein lelunga main!
Dil To dethe hain Aashiq sabhi!
Jaan bhi tujhko dedunga main!!

When these lines come, SRK flawlessly portrays the innocence and obsession together.



The song begins in the heavenly green fields, where Madhuri is sitting with eyes closed and facing upwards. Mr. Khan gently passes his fingers over her forehead, nose and lips and says “Kab tak chup baithe ab toh kuch hai bolna”. Gosh! No wonder he is the King of Romance. The way he romances the ladies is a Bible to the men.  Sung beautifully by Lataji and Udit Narayan, this is one of the best romantic songs ever in Hindi Cinema.  A perfect song from Dil To Pagal Hain for those who just realized they are in love with another.



Kal Ho Na Ho (sad)

The ailing Aman somehow finally gets Naina and Rohit hitched.  Such sacrifice needs a big heart, which itself gets into a deteriorating condition, as Aman is going to die soon. In the song, after the people leave the wedding area, SRK holds a pole of the mandap, with tears rolling down from the eyes, above which are the eye-brows which get exactly into a shape of a sine curve. An SRK expression that will make your eyes moist too.



Hamesha Tumko Chaaha

The Devdas is heartbroken. Paro is going to get married and leave him forever. The song captures the marriage rituals of Paro and the last moments she spends with Devdas in the Haveli. He escorts her to the wedding hall and later also becomes the palanquin bearer. SRK just lived the role of Devdas, where the palanquin was as light as feather when compared to how heavy his heart was at that moment.  SRK represented the heart-broken lover which every man who failed in love would empathize with.



Duniya Mein Kitni Hain

The three pairs of Mohabattein are happily celebrating their love with a song. Suddenly, a car stops and the petrifying Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachan) steps out of it.  The music stops, and there is a minute of silence and all the couples get de-coupled fearing him. A heavy drum sound begins in the background. Its Raj Aryan, singing “Duniya Mein Kitni Hain Nafratein…..Phir bhi dilon mein hain chaahatein”. The camera pans from down and zooms into a close-up where we have SRK without blinking an eye looking proudly towards Amitabh representing the unshakable power of love. In that period, he was the God of Love and Lovers for the teenagers.


These are only a handful of songs, and even in this tiny sample, Shah Rukh Khan has covered all the possible phases of a lover! He is indeed the common synonym of love, loved and lover!

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