Shah Rukh Khan apologizes to fans

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has apologised to his fans for putting them through stress over the controversy clouding his film ‘My Name Is Khan’.

‘I thank you all for this… apologise for giving stress over the last few days… and now truly know the meaning of being humbled. Lov you all so much,’ Shah Rukh posted on his twitter.

Wishing his fans, he wrote: ‘…a big thanks. Happy Birthday… best of luck for exams… and happiness. I am humbled by this show of love and kindness. So don’t know what else to say. Overwhelmed and promise will make India proud with my hard work,’ he wrote.

The film, which tells the story of a Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh) coping with events in post 9/11 America, released Friday with over 2,000 prints.

It opened amid uncertainty in 63 theatres in Mumbai following protests by the Shiv Sena, which has opposed the film to protest Shah Rukh’s comments favourig the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League.

‘Am I gushing too much and regretting too often. Well, let me. It’s the first time I am a fan of my audience… a huge hug. You all are rockstars. Will you all give me your autographs and pose for pictures with me… will keep it in my heart forever. My name is fan and I am not a star… you are.

‘I promise will only make wonderful films from now on forever. All the ones that missed the mark and didn’t please you… ooops …sorry again.’

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