Shah Rukh is ‘very depressed’ after ‘RA.One’ song leak

Shah Rukh Khan, who is particular about every detail of his upcoming superhero film ‘RA. One’, is depressed ever since the song ‘Wanna be my Chammak Challo’ from the film, sung by American R&B singer Akon, has been leaked online.

"That was the earlier version of the song. It’s very unfortunate. I am very depressed by that, more depressed than any other news that I have heard. That was the trial version. The original version is with us and I have told everyone to take a little more care," said Shah Rukh, who plays superhero G.One in the film.

‘RA. One’ heroine Kareena Kapoor features in the song.

The saving grace for SRK is that the earlier version of the song has been leaked and the final version is still with him.

"I think we have found out which IP address this has been leaked from. Once I catch that person I will cane him and make him keep singing the song," Shah Rukh said with a laugh.

"The Internet Protocol(IP) address, from which the song has been leaked, could be identified and hopefully, we would get hold of the person soon," he added.

Shah Rukh will release the music of the film by the end of August and said that the original version of the song ‘Chammak Challo’ would come out officially then.(IANS)

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