Sexy actress fighting with producer

Sexy actress Charmy Kaur has filed a complaint against the producer Yalamanchi Ravichand with Movie Artistes Association (MAA) saying that producer is harassing her and making x-rated comments, claims the reports.She also alleged that he made unwanted advances towards her.

Yalamanchi Ravichand is the producer of the yet to be released ‘Mayagadu’ (Charmy,Tottempudi Venu) movie .

However the film’s producer Yalamanchi Ravichand claimed that she has been lying to gain sympathy. He claimed that he asked her to participate in the film’s promotio, but she demanded more money. "When she acted in the film then the heroine should participate in the publicity aspect without taking any money." he said.

He claimed that when he threatened her that he would lodge a complaint to MAA, she made the complaint before he could.

The film has not been released since years as the producer could not find any distributors for the movie.

Click here for Charmy complaint on Producer Video

Click here for Producer complaint on Charmy video


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