Sexy Girl to produce films now

Buxom beauty and glam-doll of South Indian film industry Namitha is now going to produce films under her new banner. As per the sources she is not getting the many offers in films because of her recent films nosedived at the box office. She appeared with NBK in recent released Simha movie.

Namitha is therefore contemplating a complete image revamp. She has now flown back to Mumbai where she is reportedly working hard to lose her excess weight. Meanwhile, she also is listening to scripts of new filmmakers over the phone.

Surprisingly, unlike other heroines who resort to starring in lead roles in the films that they produce, the actress has graciously decided to let the directors choose. Sources close to her say, “Namitha intends to act in lead roles only if the directors of her films feel confident about her. Otherwise, she is more than ready to sign up other actresses for the films that she produces.”

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