Several twists in Swetha Basu’s case

Twists in Swetha Basu Case

Swetha Basu’s case is now taking several turns in Tollywood. Soon after getting arrested, Shwetha Basu reportedly gave few statements to a media person that she went into this side just for the sake of money. This statement circulated all over the media and the internet.

Few star actors too gave support to Shwetha Basu when this news broke out. Few directors showered film offers to give more strength financially. Actresses like Kushboo mentioned that there are several small screen shows to raise money and prostitution is not just the way to earn money.

Now, buzz is raising in the media that the court release Shwetha Basu as the lawyer proved that this actress is innocent. It seems that the lawyer mentioned that Shwetha Basu was arrested without any proofs by the Police force and she stayed in that hotel as it was booked by a film producer for an event in the city. There are several twists in this story and lets hope that a detailed version hits the media for complete clarity.

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