Sentiments of Tollywood Heroines

In film industry sentiments are quite common. Director, Producer, Actor, Actress all have their sentiments that bring them luck (they all hope for). Now the sentiments of two hot actresses in Tollywood in roaming the industry all-around.

Sonal Chauhan and Rakul Preet Singh
Sonal Chauhan and Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh, who made a super hit debut with “Venkatadri Express,” is dangling with a new sentiment now in her films. This Delhi beauty in whichever she’s the heroine, if has a lip lock scene, and then such will be a confirmed disaster. To support this statement Ravi Teja’s “Kick 2” is a good example.

In this, there is a scene where she locks her lip’s with hero Ravi Teja, and the result of the film is a disaster. Earlier, she did such same one in Ram’s “Pandaga Chesko,” and no need to discuss it’s result.

With such sentiment, heroes and directors casting her with hesitation as there is no other choice to them.

Sonal Chauhan is a completely different story. This beauty has been in a sentiment fever for quite a while. The film will be a sure hit if Sonal Chauhan has a beauty show in it.

Sonal Chauhan, if worn a bikini, the film is termed as a huge hit. To support this, she did some bikini show in Balakrishna’s “Legend.” The result of the film is a blockbuster.

Now, Sonal Chauhan is the lead heroine opposite Kalya Ram in “Sher.” In this too she did some enough exposing, and the makers are quite confident that this will be a sure shot hit.

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