Sensational update from Renu Desai on Akira’s debut!

Akira Nandan, the symbol of love between Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai is set to enter film industry. It is known that a buzz crashed into the media that Akira will be seen as a star in a flick in near future. Few days back, debate too started in Tollywood that Renu Desai insisted Pawan Kalyan to push Akira into Tollywood film industry.


On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, Renu Desai came up with an update on this aspect. She mentioned that Akira will be seen in guest role in her production film “Ishq Wala”. It could have been better if Akira enters film industry through Tollywood film as the popularity for this star kid is on peaks in Telugu film industry.

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As Pawan’s son, he will get the best image in the industry. But, Renu Desai decided to move ahead with Marathi film industry. There is a buzz in the media that Pawan Kalyan too is not interested to introduce Akira to Tollywood as his son. It is a noted point that Pawan is against the heir system. Anyways, we are going to see little Power Star on big screen soon.

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