Sensational statement from Pawan Kalyan and Jr.NTR’s film producer

Bandla Ganesh Producer

Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Young Tiger Jr.NTR are two top heroes in the industry. Bandla Ganesh is the one who gave them the required break through in the recent times. “Gabbar Singh”, for Pawan Kalyan and “Temper” for Jr.NTR are the flicks which took them to the next level.

In fact, Bandla Ganesh created sensation that he decided to stop producing flicks if “Temper” fails at the box office. He further mentioned that the distributors didn’t take the flick from the producer and the entire budget he kept for the flick was in utmost risk.

He took the risk of releasing the film all by himself and as “Temper” turned to be the most successful flick as per the commercials point of view, Bandla Ganesh mentioned that he is happy and is with film industry. Or else, we would have seen Bandla Ganesh saying the quitting statements from the film industry.

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