Senior Producer Worried About Condom Sex

This is the age of free sex and the fear of AIDS, but going back about 25 years ago, the entire idea of sex and having sex was quite different. This was coming crystal clear in a recent conversation that we overheard. The participants were a famous producer of the 80s and with him was an equally famous writer/novelist.

All this was happening at the film nagar club when the 80’s producer and the famous novel writer were discussing the filmy sex in comparison with those days and now. They were of the opinion that sex those days had without any major protection or inhibition and even the fear of technology or spy-cams was not much.

Nowadays, the time has become less, the interest has reduced and to top it all, the fear of contacting unwanted diseases has been forcing folks to use condoms. So this veteran producer and the famous novelist/writer were saying that sex in 80s was the best without the use of rubber and these days it is not worth relishing.

This talk has come out from the waiters at Film Nagar Club those have served food and drinks for these two on previous Saturday.

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