Senior director KRR launches training sessions for filmmakers

He is one of the top most directors in the film industry and he has been associated with the films since the last four decades. He has given industry hits to almost all the major heroes, and he has re-defined the term of glamour in Telugu films. Yes, we are talking about Darshakendrudu K Raghavendra Rao and his greatness.

KRR Classroom
KRR Classroom

As per the latest updates, K Raghavendra Rao will soon turn into a teacher for the aspiring filmmakers. Going into details, KRR has now come up with the initiative of teaching such film making aspirants online. To teach that practicality in film direction, he launched this “KRR CLASSROOM” now, and he will share tips each week about the ways of etching out script, carving out brilliant visuals from it, focusing on the screenplay and transforming that emotion to the screen.

KRR took to Twitter to share the news with the audience. Along with his post, he tweeted a video about KRR training sessions. “Classes starting soon! Stay tuned”.

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