Senior Actor Chalapathi Rao Injured

Senior actor Chalapathi Rao was injured while shooting. Chalapathi Rao suffered minor injuries while he was shooting for an upcoming movie at Ramoj Film City, Hyderabad. He suffered some minor injuries.

Chalapathi Rao Injured
Chalapathi Rao Injured

In one of the shooting scenes, Chalapathi Rao was supposed to do a scene in which he has to climb up on a ladder which was attached to a bus on the back side. The ladder slipped down from a certain height while Chalapathi Rao was mounting it. This caused him fall down.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital after the first aid. He is currently being treated at the Appolo Hospitals and is recovering. Some of the actors and movie folks visited him. He is out of danger as of now.

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