Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber call it quits!

The romance between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been making headlines from quite long time, however they have decided to break the relation and all Selena wants right now is to be friends as per the information given to Dailystar by one of the friends.

It was only in May that these teen celebrities were seen in the pictures where they have been kissing and cuddling during a holiday in Hawaiian island of Maui.
As per the information given by a source, Selena does not think Justin to be mature enough to maintain a stable relationship and let it go one for quite a time. Now it appears as if she in the market to find someone who is older than her and will understand the worldly things easily and take care of them.

Bieber seems to be upset with this breakup and the twist in this issue is that Selena now only wants to be friends with Bieber whereas Justin on the other hand is heartbroken over Selena though he is free to do as he wishes but does not want to.
The reason for this breakup seems to so happen because Justin Bieber has been caught red handed where he has sent SMS to his ex-girlfriend, Singer Jasmine Villegas.


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