Seetaramula Kalyanam Lankalo review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What is all about

The film Seetha Ramula Kalyanam.. Lanka lo is all about the regular elements of love and comedy mixed with action with a Rayalaseema Factionism backdrop.The Basic story line of the movie is how hero saved the love of his life by saving his girl(heroine) from Villain.


The Plot:
The story is about Chandu (nitin) who is an intelligent college student without any fear and believes in his brains.He’s the macho in the college. He chances upon Nandini (Hansika), his junior and falls in love with her.Nandini (Hansika) is daughter of a factionist Peddi Reddy (Suman).The first half is Hero keeps chasing her and after a bit of hide and seek,until she finally agrees to reciprocate.


Nandhu is clearly not interested in him but she cannot stop thinking about him the moment he gives reasons for why he loves her.When everything seems to be going fine trouble arrives in the form of Veera Pratap Reddy (sunil panda) who is not only a rival to Nandini’s factionist father Peddi Reddy (Suman) but also wants to marry Nandhini.


Veera Pratap Reddy(sunil panda) attacks Peddi Reddy and he manages to get Kidnapped and the rest of the story is how chandu rescued Nandini from him.


The Actors:

Nitin as usual and there is nothing extra. He cannot make his screen presence felt. Hansika fulfills the glamour quotient and she’s gorgeous in the film especially in the songs. Sunil Panda is alright. Jayaprakash Reddy and Suman are as usual.


‘Satyam’ Rajesh,and M S Narayana are impressive in the first half. Brahmanandam and Ali are the only saving grace of the film. Subbarajua and Venu Madhav have become routine in film after film. All others are just ordinary, nothing much to offer.


Bottom line:

The film has the same set of characters and their characterization is exactly similar to what you would have seen in other films. The film doesn’t have much to appeal to the masses or the classes. Except for the glowing skin of Hansika and the comedy track, the film is just another chip of the old block. The viewers have seen this several times and though the technical values were good, the content was weak. So it is a below average movie.

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