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Seemasastry – thanks to the hilarious and at the same time arresting title, everybody thought, it would create a miracle not only for the audiences, but also for the film unit. Absolutely, the audiences are kept at bay as they have no choice, but to tolerate the boredom or simply make a walkout from the theatre. Altogether, a big disappointment for one and all.


Surekha Reddy( Farzana) is the beloved daughter of a dreaded factionist in Rayalaseema (Jayaprakash Reddy). Subramanya Sastry (Allari Naresh) is a priest, who falls flat to the charms of Surekha. The love is instant. After some romance, the girl leaves for Kurnool.

Our Sastry has no other option, but go straight to the land of factions. He lands up not as a priest but in the garb of a factionist. His modus operandi is to convince his mama and win his daughter’s hand. The rest of the story is about the pranks of Sastry against his mama and how he succeeds in his mock faction drama.



Though there is immense scope for Allari Naresh to display his prowess as he did in all his previous flicks, a feeling that he is made to do a raw deal is visible in the film.

Farzaana is both glamorous and beautiful. Leave alone the fate of the film, she holds excellent sway to steal the show. Comedians LBS, Brahmanandam, AVS, MS Narayana and Ali have done their best in their limitations. But, their characterization, mostly, looked deliberate and the scenes involving them are somehow confusing.


Technical Details

The story is plain and there is no weightiness, even though it’s a comedy film. Most scenes gave an impression of watching a stage play, with the characters making scenes as if the director is watching them at the close quarter. Ease is missing in the dialogue delivery. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja sounded pale. However, there are some punch words uttered in style much to the hilarious entertainment of the audiences, for a few minutes.


Screenplay is mediocre. Scene after the scene, it is clearly left to the predictions of th audiences. A judicious audience can tell the whole of a story as to what would happen in the second half. The non-seriousness on the part of the director in dealing the sentiments scenes gave raise to a pucca cinematic experience.

Comedy is the lifeline of Allari Naresh’s films. In spite of fielding all the big comedians in the industry, the efforts turned futile.


Music by Vandemataram Sreenivas is a letdown. Background score is ordinary. Farzaana stole the limelight in the songs sequences. But, the numbers came as speed breakers. Cinematography is average.


If you are really serious about comedy worth your bucks, you can conveniently avoid watching the flick.

– Rishi

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