Seemandhra Vs Telangana – Better place for Tollywood?

Seemandhra and Telangana are now two different places and Hyderabad is the joint capital for both the regions. Similarly, Tollywood is now the common film industry for both the regions. If we clearly analyze the film celebrities in Tollywood, we can say that around 75% of the film crew belongs to Seemandhra region.


Several producers, directors and actors are from Seemandhra region and hence there is high probability for these stars to try shifting the industry to Vizag area. More over, Seemandhra is giving less tax facility. Hence, debate started over the concept, “Which region is a better place for Tollywood?”

Big shots like Suresh Babu says that Vizag region is the best for a new film industry, while Nagarjuna says that Hyderabad is the best for Tollywood. As the ideas are diverse, we may continue with the same debate question for few more months. May be if Chandra Babu gives few more offers for film industry establishment in Vizag, situation may change!

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