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Haripriya tradecom LLC proudly announces that they have bagged the USA screening rights of the hilarious comedy entertainer ‘Seema Tapakay’.

The Young Comedian, Allari Naresh, poorna starrer Film ‘Seematapakay” was hit the marquee in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu on 13th of May, 2011, proved hit at the Box-Office. The rib tickling comedy entertains the audience. It is running with HOUSEFULL” collections in all the theatres in AP.

Hero Allari Naresh comedy made the theatres as laughing zones. Asin resembled, Poorna who hailed from sandalwood, performance well reached to the audience and appreciated by one and all. Really the spine chilling, hilarious comedy in this film provides great relief and everyone in the theatre forgets their stress and strain for three hours of duration. We need not to explain about the hero Naresh’s performance who delivers the performance with dialogues are to the core. This is a hatric hit to hero Allari Naresh after the super hits of  ‘Aha naa Pellanta and Kathi Kantha Rao’. This film was a big hit in the captainship of the ace director G.Nageswara Reddy. His film ‘Seema Sastry” with Allari Naresh was a big hit.

Director Nageswara Reddy script work and dialogues enthralls and entertains the audience. He is proved genius in conceiving the comedy chemistry in between all the characters with a lighter vein story line with a message to entertain all kinds of audience.

Music by Vandemataram Srinivas is life of this film. All the song numbers are foot tapped. One re-mix song of ‘Aakasamlo Oka Tara” is the biggest asset of this film. This film has celebrated the Platinum disc function in Vizag before release.

All songs were picturised in exotic, picturesque locations which are eye feast to the audience. It is a like a delightful Diwali celebrating in the Public theatres with claps and laughs just like blasting Seema tapakayas all over. This film is hitting the screens in New Jersey and California in USA on Friday the 27th of May, 2011.

The ticket price is very reasonable of $8 per head. Our motto is to entertain the audience not to make money in an intention to relieve our NRIs from the daily stress and hence the ticket price that we have fixed is very low.

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