Seductress Sports Modi Dress for Publicity

Bollywood model cum actress Rakhi Sawant can be called the female Ram Gopal Varma of filmdom for the kind of tricks she plays to hit headlines.

Rakhi Sawant Wears Modi Dress
Rakhi Sawant Wears Modi Dress

Rakhi has on several occasions said that she is a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, she went on to show the world how big a fan she is. Rakhi Sawant has the other day attended a pre-Independence Day Event in the US. She wore a short black dress for the official event. Celebs wearing a short dress is nothing new.

But, here comes the surprising part. The black dress had small pictures of Modi printed all over it, and the icing on the cake is there were two big pictures of Modi, one each covering her breast and butt. With the audacious dress, she made sure everyone gazes at her breasts and butt.

Quite a tactic from the bold beauty.

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