Secrets in Mahesh’s life got exposed to the media

Mahesh Babu Secrets

Prince Mahesh Babu’s life got exposed to the media. It is a fact that the fans are interested to know what exactly is Mahesh doing in his free time. Recently, Mahesh mentioned that he spends 30% exclusively on charity.

It seems that Namrata is connected with several organizations and they spend that money for the needy. It means that Mahesh is working with Namrata on charity related activities on the free time. This secret, which was leaked into the media fetched him immense respect from the Tollywood audience.

As per the reports, his charity per year comes to around 15 Crores. In the film “Dookudu”, we saw Mahesh giving away his entire salary to charity. Not just in reel life, in real life too, Mahesh is involved in such noble act. Inspiring move by the Prince.

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