Secret behind Uday Kiran’s death revealed!

Young Tollywood film actor Uday Kiran attempted suicide in his flat. It is known that it became sensation in the starting of 2014. Later on, several media channels telecasted several shows focused on Uday Kiran’s death. Murali Mohan and few other actors shared their experiences with Uday Kiran.


Police officials started investigation and they came to a conclusion that Uday Kiran committed suicide. They stated that is not murder and it is a suicide. As per their details, Uday Kiran took alcohol before attempting suicide. Depression is stated to be the main reason for the suicide.

Vishitha, Uday Kiran’s wife stated that she went to a birthday party and when she came back, she was shocked to see her husband’s dead body. At that time, few doubts were created on several people. With the recent forensic report, it is conformed that it is suicide but not murder. Lets pray for the peace of Uday Kiran’s soul.

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