Secret behind Anushka’s injuries got revealed

Anushka Injuries

Anushka Shetty got injured on the sets of her latest flick. She was seen with bandages and injuries in the recent times. The real reason for these injuries was now revealed to the media. It seems that Anushka likes to take risks.

Unit members of “Rudramadevi” and “Bahubali” revealed that she doesn’t use body double even in case of risky shots. It seems that she daringly enters the field and will complete the task in her own style. Even Rana revealed this aspect to the media saying that Anushka is like a brother and not a sister.

This is stated to be the secret behind the injuries Anushka is carrying in the recent times. As she is working for series of flicks which demands high physical strength, Anushka suffered injuries in various stages of shootings. Hope, happiness from her victories in near future will heal these injuries to the core!

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