Second and Third Wives Daughters at Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Sets!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film is ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh.’ This film is undergoing its shooting process in Gujarat. While shooting for the film Pawan Kalyan’s daughter’s Aadya and Polina visited their dad Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan daughters visit Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Pawan Kalyan daughters visit Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Aadya is the daughter of Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai. Though these two couple divorced long time ago and kids are growing under their mother’s guidance, they often visit their father, Pawan Kalyan. On the other hand, Pawan’s third wife Anna Lezneva’s daughter is Polina.

Now, these two daughters of his visited their dad who was in the shooting of ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ in Pune.

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With their visit, Pawan gave a break for the shooting and spent some time with his daughters. Sources said that these two girls are so good to each other that they didn’t care their father‘s presence and enjoyed themselves.

With Pawan Kalyan’s daughter’s visiting the shooting, the whole cast and crew were excited after meeting them.

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