Sayali Bhagat learning love lessons from Allari Naresh ?

Sayali Bhagat, winner of Femina Miss India 2004 contest, is said to be learning lessons of love from a Telugu Actor. He is none other than the young comedy hero Allari Naresh. It is a fact that, Sayali and Allari Naresh are presently featuring in the film titled ‘Blade Babji’. This film’s shooting is 70% complete and still some scenes and some shots are left out to be filmed. 

Meanwhile, according to the unit sources of ‘Blade Babji’, it is gossiped that Sayali, in a desperate attempt to dub her own voice for the film is learning Telugu from Allari Naresh. Daily, after the shooting gets packed off the heroine is being accompanied to an isolated place by Naresh and there the hero is making Sayali learn Telugu

But the same crew reports that, after the love phase with Farzana, Allari Naresh is trapping Sayali and so the two are going to learn love lessons in a guest house owned by EVV.  

Meanwhile Allari Naresh’s another film titled “Siddu from Sikkakulam” is facing a controversy. The students from Srikakulam are protesting against the title and are saying that the film is hurting their sentiments by using their Srikakulam name and its dialect.

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