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Sivaji and Bhumika repeat their combo chemistry

Rating: 2.75/5


Sivaji and Bhumika repeated their successful combination in this film. Though the title of the film has a feminine touch, the treatment is totally different. The film received negative publicity in the industry circles as a lift of Hollywood flick Fifty First Dates. So what? Director Srihari Nanu succeeded in showing his talent as a committed filmmaker, who adheres to the original script to the core. Despite having Bhumika Chawla as the heroine, there are no commercial elements to appease the audience


Krishna (Sivaji) is a sand-sculptor who moves to Goa on a contract. He happens to see pretty Satya alias Satyabhama (Bhumika Chawla) at a motel. Instant love is the result. The next moment, he impresses her with his skill as a sand sculptor. At her request, the hero meets her the next day, but she fails to identify him, saying that he is a complete stranger to her. Krishna is told of her recent past in which she suffers brain damage in an accident. The mishap leaves her a victim of Short Memory Loss, a cerebral disorder. She completely forgets what happened the previous day. However, Krishna comes out victorious winning her love permanently. The travails and trepidations of the hero to win over the heroine has to be seen on the screen.


Sivaji is different in his neat performance. He improved a lot in dance strategies. Bhumika proved that she could create superb chemistry with Sivaji. All through the film, Bhumika steals the show with her inimitable style. Chitram Sreenu and Babloo played as the assistants to the hero in carving sand sculptures in Goa. Chandhra Mohan, Melkote, Brahmanandam, Allari Ravi Babu, Sunil and others played their roles with excellent sentimental value. Sivaprasad, as hero’s father, appears with a good comedy touch. Superstar Krishna played a short role as nuero-surgeon.

Technical Values

The story lacks originality as it is a plagiarized version of 50 First Dates Direction by Srihari Nanu, who earlier made Take Off, treated the subject with his longstanding mindset imprinted by Take Off programme. Screenplay is good, but because of lack of entertainment and mass elements, the show may appear listless. The movie begins on a dull note, but gains speed as it progresses. Interestingly, the intermission comes abruptly. In contrast, the second half is dragged. Nanu took lot of pains to project the disorder of the brain, rather than concentrating on entertaining the masses Charkri’s music gives good commercial value to the film. Dialogues are not a letdown. Brahmanandam infatuation with waistline folds of girls like Kalamandhir’s advertisement makes a good episode .Comedy is good. Photography is nice and Director’s involvement is conspicuous in this department thanks to his association with tourism industry.


Slow narration and absence of commercial elements are major minus points to the film. Bhumika’s performance is a major asset. However, this film is tailor-made for the Class audience will. If the women audience take a fancy to this out of routine Satyabhama, nanu can taste success.


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