Satya 2 Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

Time and again, Ram Gopal Varma has been proving that he can only make two kinds of movies: deplorably insane and deeply interesting. He has never taken a middle path. With Satya-2, he has taken that. Making a sequel to a masterpiece like Satya is no easy task and that too when the track record of Ramu has not been impressive in the last decade at the Box Office. However, after watching Satya-2 , looks like he has taken some care this time to make the sequel interesting to an extent.

Satya-2 is the story of a commoner Satya (Puneeth Singh Ratn) who arrives in Mumbai with no past. He joins under the wealthy builder Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur), and gains his confidence. When the power of the underworld has subsided in Mumbai, Satya is on a mission to recreate it, but anonymously. He takes the help of Lahoti and other bigwigs to establish this secret kingdom. Satya names it as ‘Company’ and defines it as a ‘soch’, which even the almighty can’t kill. The ulterior motives of Satya behind establishing this kingdom are revealed in parts only later. When, Satya’s activities start creating havoc, police take try to put a check to his moves. Will Satya succeed in escaping them? Or is the Game Over? is the rest of the story.

The cast is no magical like the 1999’s Satya. Puneet’s acting seemed like the new Satya is in a constant anticipation of constipation. A major drawback of the movie is the casting of the protagonist. (Ramu is known for many such terrible male-leads casting anyway). The ensemble was good, if not extra-ordinary.Don’t even think of finding impactful characters like Bhiku Matre and Kallu mama here. The songs were unwanted and easily avoidable.

On the flip-side, the plot of Satya-2 is interesting, and is well deployed. There are some impressive assassination sequences in the first half, which make you recall the brilliance of the 90’s RGV. The aerial shots of Mumbai give a unique look to the film and complement the narration very well. Background score is another asset striking the right nodes.

Thank God. Ramu didn’t make a ‘hatya’ of the brand ‘Satya’. This sequel is a one-time watch, if you can forgive the protagonist’s constant-anticipation- of- constipation expressions.

Reviewed by Rag Mayur

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