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The latest technology in movie making was erstwhile available only in the Hollywood. But now even Tollywood can have the taste of those technical updates. Now a days, a load of films are made in the Telugu industry using the up-to-date technology, however, not all are successful. Saroja stands as an example to understand a film with high technical values sans a gripping plot.


The Plot


Saroja (Vega) is the only daughter of a leading businessman Vishwanath (Prakash Raj). Suddenly she is kidnapped by a few people. Learning this Vishwanath approaches Ravindra Nath (Srihari) a police officer. RavindraNath is a good friend of Vishwanath, and he takes the initiative to rescue Saroja from the kidnappers.


While this is happening, a group of 4-friends leave to Hyderabad from Chennai, to watch a cricket match. On their way, a spirit tanker is capsized on the highway which blocks the traffic. The friends – Rama Swamy (Vaibhav), Ranga Swamy (SP Charan), Ganesh (Premji) and Ajay (Shiva) – take a short-route from highway to Hyderabad. They eventually get lost and enters an old factory where Saroja is held as a hostage by a vicious gang. The supposed to be separate incidents gets amalgamated at this point and mayhem starts from this point. The kidnapper’s leader Sampath(Sampath) demands a ransom of 10 Crores from Vishwanath to free Saroja from bondage.


Does Vishwanath pay the ransom to rescue his daughter? How the police officer Ravindra Nath solves the mistery? How the 4 friends escapes form the factory? These are the main events in the story which forms the plot.


Performance of the Lead Artists


Srihari appearing in the lead role as a police officer (RavindraNath) perfomed his role in a different way from his earlier characters, and surprises the viewers. In a way his role is a high spot for ‘Saroja’.


Vaibhav who played the role of RamaSwamy exhibted maturity in his work. Specially he did well in the scene where he expresses his love to Kajal. His performance level in the dance sequences has improved considerably.


Kajal appearing in a guest role for a short span of time, did well within the scope of her role. Brahmanandam appears on screen for a short period, interacting with the heroes as an uncle. Even then he leaves his comical touch on screen, making an impression on the spectators. Nikitha appearing as Kalyani who is in love with the villain did well.


We need not comment on ace actor Prakash Raj’s performance, who plays the father of Saroja in the film, as he is a versatile artist and lives the roles he plays. Finally Vega who played the title role as Saroja, although a debutant did not appear so. She enacts the role with like a child’s play.


Technical Values


Made in the lines of a Hollywood movie ‘Judgement Night’ this films comprises excellent cinematography by Shakti Sravanan. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background music and Lyrics by Vennela Kanti plays prominent role in escalating this movie to a greater extent.


Director’s Touch


In this context it is important to know about the style in narrating the scripty of the director Venkat Prabhu. His narrative style has come well, however there a bit of confusion prevails in the screenplay. The latest technology is utilized to the best and can be compared with the Hollywood flicks in this aspect. It would be appreciale if the director had harvested same effort in the story.




The story which is equal to life for any film is lacking in ‘Saroja’. Although the narration is good, the lack of story leaves a void. The acting skill of senior actor like Srihari is not put to good use. The music and lyrics by Yuvan Shankar and Vennela Kanti respectively are not composed captivatingly.




‘Saroja’ although has high technical values, the lack of script creates boredom on an average cinema goes. In a nutshell, Saroja possess highly technical value sans script.

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