Saritha Nair threatens Solar Swapnam producer?

Talk about a controversy fiesta – the sleaziest kind possible, and all this for a somewhat.. ahem , ‘unimpressive’ movie. The solar scandal rocked the Kerala socio- political arena for well over a year sometime ago and the persons of interest in the end have gained a sort of notorious celebrity status, as it sometimes happens.


Saritha Nair came out of the whole ordeal as a ‘public figure’ and a well recognised one at that, and according to recent reports she even has plans of becoming a movie actor! But that’s not why she is in the spotlight again this time, no.

The movie Solar Swapnam, directed by Joy Antony, which is loosely based on the real people in the scandal, and not surprisingly managed to get an A certification for vulgar content, has been capitalizing on the controversy since its inception.

Now its producer, Raju Joseph, an NRI, claims Saritha Nair who is the inspiration for the lead role in the film played by actress Pooja, threatened him personally and vowed to see to it that the movie never gets made!

According to him – and bear in mind this was said in a press conference – Saritha came to his house accompanied by someone else, and as he was absent at the time went ahead and talked to his 85 year old mother, implying threats against him if the flick got made.

Mr Joseph however, wanted to clarify at this point to the public that the movie is not entirely about the scandal and Saritha, but mostly focuses on discrimination against women.

Hmmm.. so we have a movie about a scandal involving recognised people, publicised as such and then went on to get an ‘adults only’ certificate from the censor board for vulgar content – but it’s about discrimination against women and has a good underlying social message?

It seems fairly obvious that the producer is trying his best to gather some good publicity for his movie, and it seems unlikely that this revelation or the supposed ‘revelations’ in the movie are going to draw in crowds.

But hey, who can predict the choice of the people.. let’s see how the movie does when it gets out.

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